Rocky Mountain Radar - The "New" VIPER III - Radar/Laser Detector/Scrambler RMR-C435 - Our Very Popular Windshield Mounted Unit

The New VIPER III - Very accurate and powerfull. Free Shipping!

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This radar detector has a new smaller shining durable case. The RMR-C435 radar scrambler is a passive radar scrambler. It has an outstanding detection capabilities of 360 degrees, making your car invisible to the three radar bands X, K, Ka, Instant On and POP so you can hit the brakes. The RMR-C435 has a 3 to 4 mile range. Once your vehicle is within 50 to 200 feet of the police radar, the radar has a chance of reading your speed. This is known as the "Punch-Through". Drivers should adjust their speed accordingly. VG2/3 makes you invisible from Radar Detector "sniffers".

How it works is the RMR-C435's scrambling device temporarily blocks police radar and laser, making it virtually impossible to detect your vehicle's for an extra moment so you can hit the brakes. The RMR-C435 detects X, K, Ka. POP, and Superwide radar frequencies and works instantly on radar/laser guns and has the ability to scramble any signal it receives. Our scramblers do not transmit radio frequencies. The radar portion is a receiver not a transmitter. *This is why the scramblers are legal! They have an FM chirp, a mixer, and a waveguide antenna for all radar bands the FCC allows the Police to use ( 8GHz - 38GHz ). Scrambles All Radar Bands (X, K, Ka, SuperWide, Instant-On, Photo and New POP Radar

The lidar ( laser ) portion transmits a specially modulated field of light from the vehicle with infrared diodes that cover all three laser guns in use today. The radar and lidar portions of these scramblers confuse the radar and laser guns which momentarily prevent a hard reading of your speed. This makes your vehicle electronically invisible to police radar and laser guns long enough for you to hit the brakes.

One year manufacturer ticket rebate program (some restrictions apply)

  • Radar/Laser Detector With Fully Integrated Radar/Laser Scrambler with 3-4 mile range
  • Micro-Scan™ to provide maximum detection against Instant On, POP radar
  • Smart-Scan™ to Lower False Alarms
  • New ALT TM Adaptive Laser Tracking for improved Laser performance
  • Detects all Radar Bands (X, K, Ka, SuperWide, Instant-On, Pulse)
  • Detects All Lidar guns (LTI 20-20, Pro-Laser, Laser-Lyte, Stalker)
  • Scrambles All Radar Bands (X, K, Ka, SuperWide, Instant-On, Pulse)
  • Scrambles All Lidar Guns (LTI 20-20, Pro-Laser, Laser-Lyte, Stalker)
  • 360 Degree Laser/Radar Detection
  • VG-2/VG-3 undetectable, Selectable VG-2 detection
  • Automatic Internal Scrambler Test
  • Four-Level Dim
  • City/Highway, Mute, Signal Strength Meter, Selectable Tones
  • Last Setting Memory
  • Detects Safety Alert (SA) and Safety Warning System (SWS)
  • Three Year Warranty
  • One year Ticket Rebate Program

Dual diagnostic systems to confirm reliable operation
Universal windshield mounting system (Suction cup)
6 foot long straight plugin powercord
Compact size (Dimensions: (1.4” H x 3” W x 4.5” D)
Covers all Superwide & European radar
World's only All Band Scrambler Radar Laser Detector

Laser Specifications:
  • Frequencies: 10.525 GHz 24.125 GHz 33 to 36 GHz 904 Nano-meter

  • Sensitivity: X - 105 Dbm K - 104 Dbm Ka-wide - 97 Dbm Laser 1 microwatt

  • Alarm: Separate for each Band Variable alarm for range

  • Controls: Volume, ON/OFF, Dark, Mute, City, Test VG-2/VG-3

  • New ALT TM Adaptive Laser Tracking for improved Laser performance

    Radar Scrambler Specifications:

  • Frequencies: 8.0 to 38.2 Ghz

  • Antenna: Dual ridge cast waveguide

  • Mixer: Custom MM wave Schottky

  • Doppler: FM-Chirp 500 to 9,000 Hz Custom Integrated circuit

    All scramblers are factory set to the OFF position.

    All scramblers are factory set to the OFF position. to turn the scrambler on/off, power off the unit, press and hold the city button down while turning power back on the unit. If the scrambler is on, the "T" LED light will be included in the startup sequence. The "T" LED light is the test diagnostics for the scrambler.
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$199.95 Reg.
$189.95 SALE


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